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uk /ˈmuːv.mənt/ us /ˈmuːv.mənt/

movement noun (POSITION CHANGE)

B2 [ C or U ] a change of position

He made a sudden movement and frightened the bird away. 他突然動了一下,鳥就受驚飛走了。
For a long time after the accident, he had no movement in (= was unable to move) his legs. 出事以後的很長時間裡,他的腿都不能動。
Her movements were somewhat clumsy. 她的動作很笨拙。
sb's movements

what someone is doing during a particular period

I don't know his movements this week. 我不知道他本周的活動安排。

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movement noun (GROUP OF PEOPLE)

C1 [ C, + sing/pl verb ] a group of people with a particular set of aims

the women's movement 婦女運動
The suffragette movement campaigned for votes for women. 婦女參政運動旨在為婦女爭取選舉權利。
[ + to infinitive ] a movement to stop animals being killed for their fur 制止獵殺動物以獲取皮毛的運動

movement noun (CHANGE OPINION)

[ C or U ] a situation in which people change their opinion or the way that they live or work

There has been a movement towards more women going back to work while their children are still young. 現在有一種傾向,越來越多的婦女在孩子年紀尚小時就重返工作。
Recently there has been some movement away from traditional methods of teaching. 近來教學方法出現了一些打破傳統窠臼的趨勢。

movement noun (PROGRESS)

[ U ] an occasion when something develops, changes, or happens in a particular way or direction

There has been little movement in the dollar (= it has not changed in value very much) today. 今天美元匯率變化很小。

movement noun (MUSIC)

[ C ] one of the main parts of a piece of classical music

Beethoven's fifth symphony has four movements. 貝多芬的第五交響曲有四個樂章。

movement noun (CLOCK/WATCH)

[ C ] the part of a clock or watch that turns the hands (= thin sticks) that point to the time


movement noun (EXCRETE)

[ C ] polite word (used especially by doctors and nurses) an act of emptying the bowels

When did you last have a (bowel) movement? 你上次排便是甚麼時候?

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