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uk /ˈəʊ.pən.ɪŋ/ us /ˈoʊp.nɪŋ/

opening noun (HOLE)

C2 [ C ] a hole or space that something or someone can pass through

The children crawled through an opening in the fence. 孩子們從籬笆上的一個缺口裡爬了過去。

More examples

  • There was a small opening on the side of the box.
  • Tear along the dotted line to create an opening.
  • Water was flooding through an opening in the dam.
  • The rabbit escaped through an opening in the fence.
  • The rain was coming through an opening in the roof.

opening noun (CEREMONY)

B2 [ C usually singular ] a ceremony at the beginning of an event or activity

The official opening of the new school will take place next month. 這所新學校將於下月正式啟用。

opening noun (BEGINNING)

B2 [ C usually singular ] the beginning of something

The opening of the novel is amazing. 這部小說開篇驚人。

[ C ] the beginning of a game of chess

If you want to get anywhere in chess, you have to study the various openings. 想下好國際象棋的話,你就必須學習各種開局方式。

More examples

  • The opening of the film contains a famous chase sequence.
  • The play's opening introduces the audience to the main characters.
  • The play has been performed with different openings.
  • The director filmed two different openings to the movie.
  • His letters always had a charming opening.

opening noun (OPPORTUNITY)

[ C ] a job or an opportunity to do something

There's an opening for an editorial assistant in our department. 我們部門有個編輯助理的職位空缺。

More examples

  • There are several openings in the firm for suitably qualified applicants.
  • Since qualifying as a teacher he's been unable to find an appropriate opening.
  • An opening for a sales assistant is being advertised in the local paper.
  • She's looking for an opening into the fashion business.
  • Her retirement has created an opening for a new head of department.

openingadjective [ before noun ]

uk /ˈəʊ.pən.ɪŋ/ us /ˈoʊp.nɪŋ/

C1 happening at the beginning of an event or activity

her opening remarks 她的開場白
the opening night 首演/映之夜

More examples

  • I did a few opening gags about the band that had been on before me.
  • Her clever opening gambit gave her an early advantage.
  • "I hear you're a friend of Jamie's, " was her opening gambit.
  • It was the song's opening line, a series of profanities, that caused the record to be banned on the radio station.
  • In his opening salvo the speaker fiercely attacked the government's record on healthcare.

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