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uk /puːl/ us /puːl/

pool noun (LIQUID)

B2 [ C ] a small area of usually still water

We looked for crabs in the rock pools along the seashore. 我們在海邊岩石的水坑裡找螃蟹。

B2 [ C ] a small amount of liquid on a surface

a pool of blood/oil 一灘血/油
figurative a pool of light 一小片光亮

A2 [ C ] a swimming pool

I spent most of my holiday lying/sunbathing by the pool. 我假期的大部分時間都在游泳池旁躺著/曬太陽。

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pool noun (COLLECTION)

[ C ] a number of people or a quantity of a particular thing, such as money, collected together for shared use by several people or organizations

Patrick crashed a Ford that he'd borrowed from the car pool at work. 派翠克把他從公司車隊借的一輛福特汽車撞壞了。
As unemployment rises, the pool of cheap labour increases. 隨著失業率的上升,廉價勞力的數量也在增加。

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pool noun (MONEY)

[ C ] in some card games, an amount of money that is collected from all the players and received by the player who wins the game


[ C ] US the money risked by a number of people on the result of a game or event

a baseball/football/hockey pool 棒球/足球/曲棍球賭注
the office pool 辦公室合賭
Who won the pool? 誰贏了這次合賭?
the pools [ plural ] also football pools UK

a type of gambling in which people risk a small amount of money and try to guess the results of football games correctly and win a lot of money

They do the pools every week. 他們每個星期都賭球。

pool noun (GAME)

B1 [ U ] a game in which two people use cues (= long, thin poles) to hit 16 coloured balls into six holes around the edge of a large table covered in soft cloth

a pool table/room/hall 撞球桌/球房
mainly US informal Do you want to shoot (= play) some pool? 你想打撞球嗎?

poolverb [ T ]

uk /puːl/ us /puːl/

to collect something such as money in order for it to be used by several different people or groups

The kids pooled their money to buy their parents a wedding anniversary gift. 派特尼的三所學校將其資源/資金集中起來購買一片廢地,把它改建成運動場。

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