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uk /pres/ us /pres/

press verb (PUSH)

B1 [ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to push something firmly, often without causing it to move permanently further away from you

Press the button to start the machine. 按下按鈕,啟動機器。
He pressed his face against the window. 他把臉貼在窗戶上。
Can you press a little harder on my shoulders, please? 你按壓我的肩膀時能再用力一點嗎?
The crowd pressed against the locked doors trying to get into the building. 人群推擠著上鎖的門想進到屋裡。
Press down firmly on the lever. 用力壓下槓杆。

[ T ] to make clothes smooth by ironing them

I'll just press these trousers. 我正要把這些褲子熨平。

[ T ] to put a weight on fruit in order to remove the juice

to press grapes 榨葡萄汁

[ T ] to make a CD, DVD, etc.

Over 3,000 copies of the CD were pressed and sent out to college radio stations. 錄製了超過3000張雷射唱片並送到各個大學的廣播電台。

[ T ] to make something flat and firm by putting it under something heavy

The children pressed some flowers. 孩子們把一些花壓平了。
pressed turkey breast 壓緊的火雞胸肉

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press verb (PERSUADE)

C2 [ T ] to try hard to persuade someone to do something

[ + obj + to infinitive ] The committee pressed him to reveal more information. 委員會敦促他透露更多資訊。
He's pressing me for an answer. 他逼著我作出答覆。
Can I press you further on (= persuade you to say more about) this issue? 我能否要求你對這件事作進一步說明?
press charges

C2 to complain officially about someone in a law court

The family have decided not to press charges against him. 這家人決定不對他提出訴訟。
press a case/claim

to continue to try to make people accept your demands

Once again he tried to press his case for promotion. 他又一次竭力要求升職。


uk /pres/ us /pres/

press noun (NEWSPAPERS)

the press [ S, + sing/pl verb ]

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B2 newspapers and magazines, and those parts of television and radio that broadcast news, or reporters and photographers who work for them

The incident has been widely reported in the press. 報刊大幅報道了此事。
press reports/coverage 媒體報道
press reporters/photographers 新聞記者/攝影師
the local/national press 地方性/全國性報刊
The charity invited the press (= reporters and photographers) to a presentation of its plans for the future. 這家慈善機構邀請新聞界參加其未來計劃的介紹說明會。
The press was out in force at the awards ceremony. 記者傾巢出動去採訪頒獎儀式。
Freedom of the press (= the right of newspapers to publish news and opinions without being controlled by the government) must be upheld. 新聞自由必須得到捍衛。

C1 [ S or U ] the judgment that is given of someone or something in the newspapers or on radio or television

What kind of press did his play get? 報刊對他的劇本評論如何?
UK The play has had a good/bad press. 媒體對這部戲的評論很好/不好。
US The play has had good/bad press. 媒體對這部戲的評論很好/不好。

press noun (BOOKS)

[ C ] a business that prints and produces books and similar things

Cambridge University Press 劍橋大學出版社

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  • Edinburgh University Press
  • published by Manchester University Press


[ C ] a machine that is used for printing

a printing press 印刷機
go to press

to start to be printed

The newspaper will go to press at midnight. 報紙將在午夜付印。

press noun (PUSH)

[ C usually singular ] a firm push against something using the fingers

To start the machine, just give this button a press. 要啟動機器,按一下這個按鈕就可以了。

[ S ] the act of making cloth smooth with an iron

Can you give this shirt a quick press? 你能快速熨一下這件襯衫嗎?

[ C ] a piece of equipment that is used to put weight on something in order to crush it, remove liquid from it or to make it flat

a garlic/trouser/wine press 壓蒜器/燙褲機/葡萄酒壓榨機

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