Translation of "rhyme" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun uk us /raɪm/

[ C ] a word which has the same last sound as another word

Can you think of a rhyme for 'orange'? 你能想出一個和 orange 押韻的詞嗎?

[ C ] a short poem, especially for young children

a book of rhymes and songs 一本押韻詩和歌曲集
→ See also nursery rhyme

[ U ] the use of rhymes in poetry

This poem is her first attempt at rhyme. 這首詩是她第一次嘗試寫的押韻詩。
in rhyme

written as a poem so that the word at the end of a line has the same last sound as a word at the end of another line

A lot of modern poetry is not written in rhyme. 很多現代詩不押韻。

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