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uk /ˈsæŋk.tʃʊə.ri/ us /ˈsæŋk.tʃ

[ C usually singular, U ] protection or a safe place, especially for someone or something being chased or hunted

Illegal immigrants found/sought/took sanctuary in a local church. 非法移民把當地的一座教堂當作避難所。
The chapel became a sanctuary for the refugees. 這座小教堂成爲難民的庇護所。
figurative If I want some peace and quiet, I take sanctuary in my study. 如果想清靜一會兒,我就會躲進自己的書房。

[ C ] a place where birds or animals can live and be protected, especially from being hunted or dangerous conditions

a wildlife/bird sanctuary 野生動物/鳥類保護區

[ C ] the most holy part of a religious building


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