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sendverb [ T ]

us uk /send/ sent, sent

send verb [ T ] (POST/EMAIL)

A1 to cause something to go from one place to another, especially by post or email

[ + two objects ] I'll send her a letter/email/parcel/postcard next week. 我下周要給她寄信/發傳真/寄包裹/寄明信片。
We'll send it by post/airmail/sea. 我們將用郵寄/航空/海運的方式發送。
Could you send a reply to them as quickly as possible? 你能否盡快給他們回信?
The news report was sent by satellite. 這則新聞報道是用衛星傳送的。
She sent a message with John to say that she couldn't come. 她請約翰傳信說自己不能來了。
They sent her flowers for her birthday. 他們送花為她慶祝生日。
Maggie sends her love and hopes you'll feel better soon. 瑪吉問候你,希望你早日康復。

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send verb [ T ] (CAUSE TO GO)

B2 to cause or order someone to go and do something

[ + to infinitive ] We're sending the kids to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks. 我們要把孩子送去和我的父母住上幾個星期。
The commander has asked us to send reinforcements. 指揮官要我們派遣增援部隊。
They've sent their son (away) to boarding school. 他們已經把兒子送到蘇格蘭唸書。
He was trying to explain but she became impatient and sent him away (= told him to leave). 他試圖解釋,但她卻開始不耐煩,把他打發走了。

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send verb [ T ] (CAUSE TO HAPPEN)

C2 to cause someone or something to do a particular thing, or to cause something to happen

The explosion sent the crowd into a panic. 爆炸使人群恐慌起來。
Watching television always sends me to sleep. 看電視總會讓我睡著。
[ + adj ] UK His untidiness sends her crazy/mad/wild. 他的邋遢讓她大爲惱火。
[ + -ing verb ] The announcement of the fall in profits sent the company's share price plummeting (= caused it to go down a lot). 利潤下降的公告使公司的股價大幅下跌。
The draught from the fan sent papers flying all over the room. 電扇的風吹得文件滿屋亂飛。

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