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uk /ˈspeʃ.əl/ us /ˈspeʃ.əl/

special adjective (NOT USUAL)

A2 not ordinary or usual

The car has a number of special safety features. 這輛汽車配備有一些特別的安全裝置。
Is there anything special that you'd like to do today? 今天你有沒有甚麽特別的事要做?
Passengers should tell the airline in advance if they have any special dietary needs. 乘客如有特殊的飲食需要,須事先向航空公司說明。
I don't expect special treatment - I just want to be treated fairly. 我並不指望得到特殊待遇——我只希望能受到公平對待。
Full details of the election results will be published in a special edition of tomorrow's newspaper. 選舉結果的詳細情況明天將刊登在報紙的特別版上。
I have a suit for special occasions. 我有一套專門在特殊場合穿的套裝。
There's a special offer on peaches (UK also peaches are on special offer) (= they are being sold at a reduced price) this week. 脆玉米片本周降價50便士/特價。

A2 especially great or important, or having a quality that most similar things or people do not have

Could I ask you a special favour? 你能另外幫我一個忙嗎?
I'm cooking something special for her birthday. 我要爲她的生日準備一些別出心裁的菜。

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special adjective (PARTICULAR)

B1 [ before noun ] having a particular purpose

Firefighters use special breathing equipment in smoky buildings. 消防員在煙霧彌漫的建築物中使用專門的呼吸裝置。
Some of the children have special educational needs. 其中一些孩子有特殊的教育需求。
You need special tyres on your car for snow. 雪地行車需要專門的輪胎。
She works as a special adviser to the president. 她是總統的特別顧問。

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specialnoun [ C ]

uk /ˈspeʃ.əl/ us /ˈspeʃ.əl/

a television programme that is made for a particular reason or occasion and is not part of a series

a three-hour election night special 三個小時的選舉之夜特別節目

a dish that is available in a restaurant on a particular day that is not usually available

Today's specials are written on the board. 今天的特餐寫在佈告板上。

mainly US a product that is being sold at a reduced price for a short period

Today's specials include T-shirts for only $2.99. 今天的特價商品包括僅售2.99美元的T恤。

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