Translation of "street" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /striːt/

a road in a city, town or village which has buildings that are usually close together along one or both sides

The streets were strewn with rubbish after the carnival. 狂歡節過後,街上到處是垃圾。
a street map 街道圖
Our daughter lives just across the street from us. 我們的女兒就住在街對面。
Diane's house is UK in/US on Cherrywood Street. 戴安娜的房子在切裡伍德街上。
Builders jeer at us even when we're just walking down the street. 即便我們只是從街上走過,建築工人也會嘲笑我們。
Be sure to look both ways when you cross the street. 過馬路時一定要看兩邊。
The town's streets were deserted by dusk. 夜幕降臨時,鎮裡街上便空無一人。
At five in the morning, there were still crowds of people roaming the streets. 清晨五點,仍有人群在街頭遊蕩。
I bought these sunglasses from a street vendor in Florence. 我在佛羅倫斯的一個街頭小販那裡買了這副太陽眼鏡。
take to the streets

When people take to the streets, they express their opposition to something in public and often violently

Thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against the military coup. 數千人走上街頭抗議軍事政變。

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