Translation of "strength" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (EFFORT) 力氣 uk us /streŋθ/

[ U ] the ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort

She had the strength and stamina to take the lead and win the gold medal. 她有領先並奪金的體力和耐力。
Admitting you've made a mistake is a sign of strength, not weakness. 自己承認犯錯所顯現的是堅強,而不是軟弱。
He showed great strength of character when he refused to accept the bribes. 他拒絕接受賄賂,表現出崇高的人格。
We shall struggle on, drawing our strength from the courage of others. 我們應該從其他人的勇氣中汲取力量,繼續奮鬥。
Much of the country's military strength lies in its missile force. 這個國家的軍事實力主要展現在飛彈部隊上。

[ C usually singular ] the degree to which something is strong or powerful

Opinion polls put the combined strength of the two ecology parties at 15% nationwide. 民意調查顯示,兩個生態黨的支持率合起來在全國佔15%。
You can gauge (= measure) the strength of a democracy by the way it treats its minorities. 你可以根據一個國家對待少數民族的方式來估量其民主程度。

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