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uk /stretʃ/ us /stretʃ/

stretch verb (REACH)

B2 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to cause something to reach, often as far as possible, in a particular direction

I tripped on a piece of wire that someone had stretched across the path. 我被不知是誰拉在路上的一根電線絆倒了。
She stretched out her hand and helped him from his chair. 她伸手將他從椅子上扶起來。

B2 [ I ] to make your body or your arms and legs straight so that they are as long as possible, in order to exercise the joints (= place where two bones are connected) after you have been in the same place or position for a long time

"I'm so tired," she said, yawning and stretching. 「我太累了。」她打著呵欠伸了個懶腰說。
It's a good idea to stretch before you do vigorous exercise. 在進行劇烈運動前,應該先伸展一下身體。

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stretch verb (SPREAD)

C2 [ I usually + adv/prep ] to spread over a large area or distance

A huge cloud of dense smoke stretched across the horizon. 一大團濃煙在地平線上蔓延開來。
The Andes stretch for 7,250 km along the west coast of South America. 安第斯山脈沿南美洲西海岸綿延達7250公里。
Unsettled weather will stretch from the middle Mississippi Valley to the southern Middle Atlantic States. 自密西西比河流域中部至瀕大西洋中部諸州的南部,天氣均不穩定。
The refugee camps stretch as far as the eye can see. 難民營綿延不絕,一望無際。

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stretch verb (GO PAST)

[ T ] to go as far as or past the usual limit of something

Many families' budgets are already stretched to breaking point. 許多家庭的預算已經撐到了極限。
We can't work any harder, Paul. We're already fully stretched. 我們無法更賣力了,保羅。我們已經竭盡全力。
This movie really stretches the patience of the audience to the limit. 這部電影簡直就是在考驗觀眾的耐性。
Normally, people under 18 aren't allowed, but I guess we can stretch the rules for you as it's your birthday tomorrow. 我們通常不接受未滿18歲的人,但考慮到明天是你的生日,我想我們可以稍稍通融一下。

stretch verb (MAKE LONGER)

B2 [ I or T ] to (cause a material to) become longer or wider than usual as a result of pulling at the edges

an exercise to stretch the leg muscles 拉伸腿部肌肉的運動
That elastic band will snap if you stretch it too far. 那根橡皮筋拉得太長是會斷的。
This substance stretches to any shape you want. 這種物質可以拉伸成任何你想要的形狀。

B2 [ I ] If a material stretches, it can become longer or wider when pulled and then return to its original size.

to stretch fabrics 彈力織物

stretch verb (LONG TIME)

[ I usually + adv/prep ] to spread over a long period of time

The dispute stretches back over many years. 這場爭論可追溯到許多年以前。
Although we were supposed to finish this month, it looks like the work will stretch well into next year. 雖然我們應該在本月完工,但看來工作要拖到明年了。

[ T ] also stretch out to make a process or task continue for a longer period of time than was originally planned

I'd like to stretch my mortgage payments out over a longer period if possible. 如果可能的話,我想把分期貸款的期限延長一些。

stretch verb (DO MORE)

[ T ] If jobs or tasks stretch you, they make you learn new things that use your skill and experience more than before.

My present job doesn't stretch me, so I'm looking for something more demanding. 我目前的工作不能讓我盡展所長,所以我在尋找更有挑戰性的工作。


uk /stretʃ/ us /stretʃ/

stretch noun (PART)

C1 [ C usually singular ] a continuous area of land or water

This particular stretch of coast is especially popular with hikers. 在這一段海岸散步的人特別多。
Traffic is at a standstill along a five-mile stretch of the ring-road. 劍橋南面11號高速公路有五英里的路段交通陷入癱瘓。
Some very rare birds inhabit our stretch of the river. 一些非常珍稀的鳥類棲息在我們這個河段。

[ C usually singular ] a stage in a race, or a part of a racetrack

She looked certain to win as she entered the final stretch. 她進入最後一段跑道時似乎已經贏定了。
He fell as he galloped down the home stretch (= towards the finish). 他在衝向終點時跌倒。

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stretch noun (REACH)

[ C ] an act of stretching

I always have a good stretch when I get up in the morning. 我早上起床總會好好地伸展一下筋骨。
This is a really good stretch for your hip flexors.

stretch noun (GO PAST)

[ C usually singular ] the fact that something has gone past its usual limits

His idea may be a stretch, but it's not outside the realm of possibility. 他的論文可能有點誇大其詞,但並不是完全沒有可能。

stretch noun (MAKE LONGER)

[ U ] the degree to which a material can be made longer or wider by pulling

This fabric doesn't have much stretch in it, does it? 這種織物沒甚麼彈性,是嗎?

stretch noun (TIME)

[ C usually singular ] a continuous period of time

The elderly generally need far less rest than the young, and tend to sleep in several short stretches. 年長者一般需要的休息時間比年輕人要少得多,而且往往會分成幾個小段時間睡覺。

[ C usually singular ] informal a period of time that a criminal spends in prison

Her brother's doing a ten-year stretch for armed robbery. 她弟弟因持械搶劫正在服刑,刑期十年。
at a stretch

continuously or without any interruptions

There's no way I could work for ten hours at a stretch. 要我連續工作十小時是不可能的。

stretch noun (DIFFICULT JOB)

[ C usually singular ] a job, task , or role that is difficult for someone because it is very different from what they usually do

Playing a budding opera star was not much of a stretch for this classically trained singer. 飾演一位嶄露頭角的歌劇明星,對這個受過古典音樂訓練的歌手而言不是甚麼難事。

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