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uk /suːt/ /sjuːt/ us /suːt/

suit noun (SET OF CLOTHES)

A2 [ C ] a jacket and trousers or a jacket and skirt that are made from the same material

All the businessmen were wearing pinstripe suits. 所有商人都穿著細條紋套裝。
She wore a dark blue suit. 她穿著一套深藍色的衣服。

[ C ] a set of clothes or a piece of clothing to be worn in a particular situation or while doing a particular activity

a diving/protective/ski, etc. suit 潛水衣/防護衣/滑雪衣等
a swimsuit 泳裝
a spacesuit 太空衣
a suit of armour 甲胄,盔甲

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suit noun (LEGAL PROBLEM)

[ C ] also lawsuit a problem taken to a law court by an ordinary person or an organization rather than the police in order to obtain a legal decision

He brought (US also filed) a $12 million libel suit against the newspaper, claiming his reputation had been damaged. 他對這家報紙提出名譽侵權訴訟,稱其報導損害了自己的職業聲譽,要求索賠1200萬美元。
a malpractice/negligence/paternity suit 瀆職/過失/生父確認訴訟

suit noun (PLAYING CARDS)

[ C ] any of the four types of card in a set of playing cards, each having a different shape printed on it

The four suits in a pack of cards are hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. 一副紙牌中的四種花色為紅桃、黑桃、梅花和方塊。

suit noun (PERSON)

[ C often plural ] informal disapproving a man who works in an office and wears a suit, especially a man with a high position in a company who is considered not to have human feelings and good ideas


suitverb [ T ]

uk /suːt/ /sjuːt/ us /suːt/

suit verb [ T ] (BE RIGHT)

B2 to be right for a particular person, situation, or occasion

A lot of corn is grown in this area - the soil seems to suit it very well. 這個地方種了很多玉米——看來這裡的土壤非常適合玉米生長。
The city lifestyle seems to suit her - she looks great. 城市的生活方式似乎很適合她——她顯然看起來氣色非常好。

B2 (usually of a colour or style of clothes) to make someone look more attractive

You should wear more red - it suits you. 你應該多穿紅色的衣服——這個顏色很適合你。
Short skirts don't really suit me - I don't have the legs for them. 我不太適合穿短裙——我的腿不好看。

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suit verb [ T ] (BE CONVENIENT)

B2 to be convenient and cause the least difficulty for someone

We could go now or this afternoon - whatever time suits you best. 我們可以現在去或者下午去——看你甚麼時候最方便。
"How about eight o'clock at the cinema?" "That suits me fine." 「八點鐘在電影院外面見怎麼樣?」「我沒問題。」

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