Translation of "term" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (TIME) 時間 uk us /tɜːm/ US  /tɝːm/

[ C ] the fixed period of time which something lasts for

He received a prison term for drunk driving. 他因酒後駕駛被監禁。
The Government's term of office (= The period in which they have power) expires at the end of the year. 這屆政府的任期年底屆滿。

[ C ] mainly UK (US usually semester, also quarter) one of the periods into which a year is divided at school, college or university

In Britain, the spring term starts in January and ends just before Easter. 在英國,春季學期從一月份開始,到復活節前夕結束。
We're very busy in term-time (= during the term). 學期裡我們很忙。

[ C ] formal the period of time which a legal agreement lasts for

The lease on our house is near the end of its term. 我們房子的租賃期快滿了。

[ U ] specialized the end of a pregnancy when a baby is expected to be born

Her last pregnancy went to term (= The baby was born after the expected number of weeks). 她上次懷孕是足月生的。
a full-term pregnancy 足月妊娠
in the long/medium/short term

for a long, medium or short period of time in the future

Taking this decision will cost us more in the short term, but will be beneficial in the long term. 作出這決定短期來說我們的代價會較大,但從長期看是有益處的。

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