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uk /θɔːt/ us /θɑːt/

past simple and past participle of think


thoughtnoun [ C or U ]

uk /θɔːt/ us /θɑːt/

B1 the act of thinking about or considering something, an idea or opinion, or a set of ideas about a particular subject

Ask me again tomorrow. I'll have to give it some thought. 明天再問我吧,我還得考慮一下。
She doesn't give any thought to her appearance. 她根本不注意自己的儀表。
Let me have your thoughts on that report by Friday. 星期五之前告訴我你對那份報告的看法吧。
Spare a thought for (= think about) all those without shelter on a cold night like this. 想想那些在這樣的寒夜無處棲身的人們。
He's the author of a book on the history of European thought. 他寫過一本有關歐洲思想史的書。
You sent her a card? That was a kind thought. 你給她送了賀卡?你想得很周到。

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