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uk /θrəʊ/ us /θroʊ/ threw, thrown

throw verb (SEND THROUGH AIR)

A2 [ I or T ] to send something through the air with force, especially by a sudden movement of the arm

My friend threw the ball back over the fence. 我朋友把球從圍欄上擲了回去。
The coat was thrown over the back of the chair. 大衣丟在椅背上。
She threw herself into a chair, exhausted. 她筋疲力盡地倒在椅子上。
The rider was thrown as the horse jumped the fence. 馬跳過柵欄時騎手被甩了下來。
He threw a punch at (= hit) his attacker. 他向攻擊他的人猛擊一拳。
throw a glance/look

to look quickly or suddenly

The boy threw a frightened look in the direction of the house. 男孩朝房子那邊驚恐地看了一眼。

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throw verb (MOVE QUICKLY)

C2 [ T ] to cause to move or act quickly or carelessly

She threw back her hair. 她把頭髮往後甩了甩。

throw verb (CONFUSE)

[ T ] to confuse or shock someone or cause difficulty for them

I wasn't expecting a visitor. I was really thrown. 我沒想到會有人來,我真是措手不及。
The news of the coup threw them into a state of panic. 政變的消息使他們陷入了恐慌。

throw verb (OPEN)

throw sth open

to open something that was closed, usually suddenly and completely

She drew back the curtains and threw open all the windows. 她拉開窗簾,打開所有窗戶。

to allow people to enter or become involved in an event

The competition has been thrown open to the public. 這項競賽已經對公眾開放。

throw verb (PARTY)

throw a party

to have a party

Flavio threw a party for Colin's 50th birthday. 珍妮特為慶祝傑克50歲生日舉辦了派對。

throw verb (ANGER)

throw a fit/tantrum

to experience and show a strong feeling of anger, especially suddenly

My mother threw a fit when she saw what a mess we'd made of her kitchen. 我母親看到我們把她的廚房弄得一團糟時,她大發脾氣。

throw verb (SHAPE)

[ T ] specialized art to shape clay on a special round table that spins



uk /θrəʊ/ us /θroʊ/

throw noun (THROWING)

[ C ] an act of throwing something

a throw of the dice 擲骰子

throw noun (EACH)

a throw [ S ] UK informal

used to mean each thing or for each time

We could get a coffee in there but they charge three quid a throw. 我們可以在那裡買到咖啡,不過他們每份要賣兩英鎊。

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