Translation of "type" - English-Traditional Chinese dictionary


noun (GROUP) uk us /taɪp/

[ C ] a particular group of people or things which shares similar characteristics and forms a smaller division of a larger set

There were so many different types of bread that I didn't know which to buy. 麵包種類繁多,我不知該買哪一種。
What type of clothes does she wear? 她穿甚麼類型的衣服?
It was dark so I didn't notice what type of car it was. 天太黑,我沒有注意到那是甚麼車型。
He's the type of man you could take home to your mother. 他是那種你可以帶回家給你母親看的男人。
He's very attractive, if you like the blond athletic type. 假如你喜歡白膚金髮、愛好運動那一類型的話,他算是很有魅力。
They sell dried flowers and baskets and that type of thing. 他們賣乾花、花籃之類的東西。
We have a range of moisturizers for all different skin types. 我們有一系列適合各種膚質的潤膚品。
She was young and she was wearing student-type clothes so I assumed she was studying here. 她年齡不大,穿得又像學生,所以我還以為她在這裡上學。
He took me to a pub in Soho full of actor types speaking at the tops of their voices. 他帶我去了蘇活區的一家酒吧,那裡到處是高聲嚷嚷、像演員的人。

[ C ] specialized a person who seems to represent a particular group of people, having all the qualities that you usually connect with that group

He doesn't use fully rounded characters in his plays - he uses types. 他在劇中不用個性豐滿的人物——他用的是類型化的人物。
be sb's type

to be the type of person that someone thinks is attractive

He's a nice enough guy - he's just not my type. 他人倒是挺好,只是不是我喜歡的那種類型。
I'd have thought Ben was more your type. 我本以為你會更喜歡本這種類型的人。

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