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uk /weər/ us /wer/ wore, worn

wear verb (ON BODY)

A1 [ T ] to have clothing, jewellery, etc. on your body

Tracey is wearing a simple black dress. 特蕾西身著一襲素淨的黑色長裙。
What are you wearing to Caroline's wedding? 卡羅琳的婚禮上你準備穿甚麼?
Some musicians don't like to wear rings when they're playing. 有的音樂家不喜歡在演奏時戴戒指。
He wears glasses for reading. 他閱讀時戴眼鏡。
She wears very little make-up. 她基本上不化妝。

C2 [ T ] to show a particular emotion on your face

The politician wore a confident smile throughout the interview. 部長在整個採訪過程中都面帶自信的微笑。

B2 [ T ] to arrange your hair in a particular way

When she's working she wears her hair in a ponytail. 工作時,她把頭髮梳成一個馬尾辮。
You should wear your hair up (= so that it does not hang down) more often - it suits you. 你應當更常把頭髮梳起來——那很適合你。

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wear verb (WEAKEN)

[ I ] to become weaker, damaged, or thinner because of continuous use

I really like this shirt but it's starting to wear at the collar. 我非常喜歡這件襯衫,但是它的領子已經有些磨破了。
The wheel bearings have worn over the years, which is what's causing the noise. 輪子的軸承多年來已經磨損,這就是產生噪聲的原因。

[ T usually + adv/prep ] to produce something such as a hole or loss of material by continuous use, rubbing, or movement

I always seem to wear a hole in the left elbow of my sweaters. 我似乎老是會把毛線衫的左肘處磨出洞來。
Over many years, flowing water wore deep grooves into the rock. 多年之後,流水在岩石上沖刷出一道道深深的凹槽。
Wind and water slowly wore down the mountain's jagged edges. 風和水慢慢地磨平了這座山的稜角。

wear verb (ALLOW)

[ T ] UK old-fashioned informal to allow or accept something

I'd ask my boss for some time off but I don't think she'd wear it. 我想向老闆請一段時間的假,但我覺得她可能不會批准。

wearnoun [ U ]

uk /weər/ us /wer/

wear noun [ U ] (CLOTHES)

also wear clothes suitable for a particular use or clothes of a particular type

casual wear 便裝
leisure wear 休閒服
knitwear 針織品

wear noun [ U ] (USE)

the amount or type of use an object has had or can be expected to have, especially before showing damage

I've had a lot of wear out of these boots - I've had them for five years. 這雙靴子我穿了很久——都有五年了。
I've only worn the shirt a couple of times and it's already showing signs of wear (= damage). 那件襯衫我只穿了幾次就開始顯得有些破舊了。

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