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wingnoun [ C ]

uk /wɪŋ/ us /wɪŋ/

wing noun [ C ] (FOR FLYING)

B1 the flat part of the body that a bird, insect, or bat uses for flying, or one of the flat, horizontal structures that stick out from the side of an aircraft and support it when it is flying

the delicacy of a butterfly's wings 蝴蝶翅膀的精緻
I don't like chicken wings - there's not much meat on them. 我不喜歡吃雞翅——上面沒有多少肉。
I could see the plane's wing out of my window. 我透過身邊的窗戶能看到飛機的機翼。
take wing literary

If a bird takes wing, it flies away.


to suddenly develop, freely and powerfully

She walked in the hills, letting her thoughts take wing. 她走在山坡上,任思緒自由飛揚。
on the wing literary

A bird that is on the wing is flying.


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wing noun [ C ] (POLITICAL GROUP)

C2 a group within a political party or organization whose beliefs are in some way different from those of the main group

The president is on the left wing of the Democratic party. 總統屬於民主黨左翼/右翼。
The extreme right wing of the party has dominated the discussion.

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wing noun [ C ] (PART OF BUILDING)

a part of a large building that sticks out from the main part, often having been added at a later date

The maternity department will be in the new wing of the hospital. 產科病房將設在醫院新建的一側。
The west wing of the house is still lived in by Lord and Lady Carlton, while the rest of the house is open to the public. 房子的西翼仍由卡爾頓勛爵及夫人居住,而其餘部分則向公眾開放。

wing noun [ C ] (PART OF CAR)

UK US fender one of the four parts at the side of a car that go over the wheels

There's a dent in the left wing. 左擋泥板上有個凹痕。
Look in your wing mirror. 看你側面的反光鏡。

wing noun [ C ] (SPORTS)

(in various team games, such as football and hockey) either of the two sides of the sports field, or a player whose position is at either of the two sides of the field

Zinoli passes the ball to Pereira out there on the wing. 米內利將球傳給處在邊鋒位置的埃爾南德斯。
He played left/right wing for Manchester United. 他在曼聯隊踢左/右邊鋒。

wing noun [ C ] (THEATRE)

the wings [ plural ]

the sides of a stage that cannot be seen by the people watching the play

I was in the wings waiting for my cue to come on stage. 我站在舞臺的側面,等待上臺的提示。


uk /wɪŋ/ us /wɪŋ/ informal
wing it

to perform or speak without having prepared what you are going to do or say

I didn't have time to prepare for the talk, so I just had to wing it. 我沒時間準備發言,所以只好即興發揮。

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