Translation of "affair" - English-French dictionary


noun affair /əˈfɛər/
=matters; plural activities or things people are involved in
affaires feminine plural , histoires feminine plural

the committee on Veteran's Affairs
Le comité aux affaires des vétérans

our family's financial affairs
les histoires financières de notre famille
countable a love relationship with sb who is not your partner
liaison feminine , aventure feminine

She found out her husband was having an affair.
Elle a découvert que son mari avait une liaison.
countable an unpleasant set of events
affaire feminine

embarrassed by the whole affair
embarrassé par toute cette affaire

(Translation of “affair” from the GLOBAL English-French Dictionary © 2014 K Dictionaries Ltd)


noun /əˈfeə/

happenings etc which are connected with a particular person or thing

the Suez affair.

a thing

The new machine is a weird-looking affair.

(often in plural) business; concern(s)

financial affairs
Where I go is entirely my own affair.

a love relationship

His wife found out about his affair with another woman.

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