Translation of "bald" - English-French dictionary


adjectivebald /bɔld/
with no hair

He's going bald.
Il devient chauve.

a bald spot on his head
une zone dégarnie sur son crâne

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adjective /boːld/

(of people) with little or no hair on the head

a bald head
He is going bald (= becoming bald).

(of birds, animals) without feathers, fur etc

dépourvu de plumes, de poils
There was a bald patch on the dog’s back.

bare or plain

sans ornements
a bald statement of the facts.
baldness noun

balding adjective

becoming bald.

devenant chauve
a balding man in his late fifties.
baldly adverb

in a plain or bare way

He answered her questions baldly.

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