Translation of "ball" - English-French dictionary


noun /boːl/

a round object used in games

balle, ballon
a tennis ball.

anything roughly round in shape

boule, pelote
a ball of wool.

balls (plural ) (slang) testicles.

ballbearings noun plural

in machinery etc, small steel balls that help the revolving of one part over another.

roulement à billes
ballcock noun

a valve in a cistern.

robinet à flotteur
ballpoint noun

a pen having a tiny ball as the writing point.

stylo bille
on the ball

quick, alert and up-to-date

à la hauteur
The new manager is really on the ball.
start/set ( keep the ball rolling)

to start or keep something going, especially a conversation

lancer, soutenir la conversation
He can be relied on to start the ball rolling at parties.

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