Translation of "connect" - English-French dictionary


verbconnect /kəˈnɛkt/
transitive ≠disconnect; to join two or more things
raccorder , brancher

to connect the pipes
raccorder les tuyaux

to connect the red wire to the red port
brancher le fil rouge au port rouge
transitive to show or understand the relationship between two ideas, events, etc.
établir un rapport avec/entre

Police have not been able to connect the victim with the suspects.
La police n'a pas pu établir un rapport entre la victime et les suspects.
transitive-intransitive to join to a system that supplies electricity, gas, etc.
brancher , connecter

They connected the gas yesterday.
Ils ont branché le gaz aujourd'hui.

We're still not connected to the Internet.
Nous ne sommes toujours pas connectés à Internet.
intransitive (of people) to quickly feel a good relationship
bien s'entendre

The two women connected right away.
Les deux femmes se sont tout de suite bien entendues.
intransitive (of planes, buses, trains) to have schedules arranged so that one arrives before another leaves
assurer la correspondance

to catch a connecting flight in Dallas
attraper un vol assurant la correspondance pour Dallas

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verb /kəˈnekt/

to join or be joined in some way; to tie or fasten or link together

He connected the radio to the mains
This road connects the two farms
a connecting link
This telephone line connects with the President.

to associate in the mind

associer (à)
People tend to connect money with happiness.
connection /-ʃən/ noun

something that connects or is connected

a faulty electrical connection.

(a) state of being connected or related

My connection with their family is very slight
I wish to talk to you in connection with my daughter’s career.

a useful person whom one can contact, especially in business

his connections in the clothing trade.

a train, bus etc to which one changes from another in the course of a journey

As the local train was late, I missed the connection to London.

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