Translation of "develop" - English-French dictionary


verbdevelop /dɪˈvɛləp/
transitive-intransitive to grow or make sth grow bigger, more successful, etc.
développer , former

a tiny boy who developed into a tall man
un tout petit garçon qui est devenu un homme de grande taille

The seeds soon develop green shoots.
Les graines forment vite des pousses vertes.

to develop children's reading skills
développer l'aptitude à la lecture des enfants
transitive to create sth new

We're currently developing new software.
Nous développons actuellement de nouveaux logiciels.
intransitive to happen or be the result of sth
se développer , naître

A dangerous situation developed.
Une situation dangereuse se développa.

a project that developed from a need to help the poor
un projet qui naquit du besoin de venir en aide aux pauvres
transitive to begin to be affected by sth

to develop a bad cold
contracter un mauvais rhume
transitive to build things on an area of land

an area that is being heavily developed
une région en plein développement immobilier
transitive to put film through a chemical process to make photographs

to develop the film
développer la pellicule

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verb /diˈveləp/ (past tense, past participle developed)

to (cause to) grow bigger or to a more advanced state

(se) développer
The plan developed slowly in his mind
Shanghai has developed into a very large city.

to acquire gradually

He developed the habit of getting up early.

to become active, visible etc

(se) manifester
Spots developed on her face.

to use chemicals to make (a photograph) visible

My brother used to develop all his own films.
development noun

the process or act of developing

a crucial stage in the development of a child.

something new which is the result of developing

important new developments in science.

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