Translation of "effort" - English-French dictionary


nouneffort /ˈɛfərt/
countable-uncountable an attempt to do sth
effort masculine

She made an effort to look nice.
Elle a fait un effort pour être élégante.

an effort to sell the house quickly
un effort pour vendre la maison rapidement.
uncountable the energy needed or used to do sth
efforts masculine plural

Many people think it is too much effort to live a greener lifestyle.
Beaucoup de gens pensent qu’avoir un style de vie plus écologique demande trop d’efforts.

It took a lot of effort for him to explain.
Il a eu beaucoup de mal à expliquer.

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noun /ˈefət/

hard work; energy

Learning a foreign language requires effort
The effort of climbing the hill made the old man very tired.

a trying hard; a struggle

The government’s efforts to improve the economy were unsuccessful
Please make every effort to be punctual.

the result of an attempt

Your drawing was a good effort.
effortless adjective

done without (apparent) effort

The dancer’s movements looked effortless.
effortlessly adverb

sans effort

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