Translation of "heel" - English-French dictionary


noun /hiːl/

the back part of the foot

I have a blister on my heel.

the part of a sock etc that covers this part of the foot

I have a hole in the heel of my sock.

the part of a shoe, boot etc under or round the heel of the foot

The heel has come off this shoe.

à talons (…)
high-heeled shoes.
at/on one’s heels

close behind one

en son for intérieur
The thief ran off with the policeman close on his heels.
kick one’s heels

to be kept waiting

I was left kicking my heels for half an hour.
take to one’s heels

to run away

prendre ses jambes à son cou
The thief took to his heels.
to heel

(of dogs etc) at a person’s heel

rester au pied
You must teach your dog to walk to heel in a busy street.
turn on one’s heel

to turn one’s back (and walk off).

tourner les talons
Alice turned on her heels and walked out of the room

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