Translation of "invest" - English-French dictionary


verb transitive-intransitiveinvest /ɪnˈvɛst/
to buy sth or part of sth, hoping to make a profit

to invest in a company/product
investir dans une société/un produit

The government has invested billions in the project.
Le gouvernement a investi des milliards dans le projet.

invest in

verb phrasalinvest in [ ɪnˈvɛst ˌɪn ]
to buy sth
investir dans

The school has invested in a new computer for every classroom.
L'école a investi dans un nouvel ordinateur pour chaque classe.
to spend money or time on sth in order to improve it
investir dans

It's important to invest in the health of the nation.
Il est important d'investir dans la santé de la nation.

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verb /inˈvest/

(with in) to put (money) into (a firm or business) usually by buying shares in it, in order to make a profit

investir, placer
He invested (20,000 dollars) in a building firm.
investment noun

a sum of money invested.

investissement, placement
a £10,000 investment in the venture.

the act of investing.

investissement, placement
They have plenty of money available for investment.
investor noun

a person who invests money.



verb /inˈvest/

to establish (a person) officially in a position of authority etc

The governor will be invested next week.
investiture /-titʃə/ noun

(a ceremony of) giving (the robes etc of) high rank or office to someone.

the investiture of the Prince of Wales.

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