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nounname /neɪm/
countable the word or words that sb or sth is called
nom masculine

"What's your name?" "David Martin."
"Quel est votre nom ?" "David Martin."

I forget the name of the town.
J'oublie le nom de la ville.

Scientists have not given the new bacteria a name yet.
Les scientifiques n'ont pas encore donné un nom à la nouvelle bactérie.
by name
using a name
par son nom

She called each person by name.
Elle a appelé chaque persone par son nom.
in the name of/in sb's name
indicates the name sb uses to buy or obtain sth
au nom de

an insurance policy in the name of Katherine Hollis
une police d'assurance au nom de Katherine Hollis

a bank account in my name
un compte bancaire à mon nom
under the name (of)
using a name which may not be a real name
sous le nom de

They made a reservation under the name of "Smith."
Ils ont fait une réservation sous le nom de "Smith".
countable a well-known or famous person or thing
nom masculine

some of the biggest names in Hollywood
quelques uns des grands noms d'Hollywood
a household name
sb or sth well-known by almost everyone
très connu/-ue

In two years the company has become a household name.
En deux ans, l'entreprise est devenue très connue.
singular sb's reputation
réputation feminine

He felt they had destroyed his name.
Il sentit qu'ils avaient détruit leur réputation.
the name of the game
the most important aspect
le but du jeu

Fun, not winning, is the name of the game in this event.
S'amuser et non pas gagner et le but du jeu dans cet événement.


verb transitivename /neɪm/
=call; to give sb or sth a name
nommer , appeler

They named the puppy Polly.
Ils ont appelé le chiot Polly.
to identify sb using their name
nommer , citer

He named two top officials as the source of the information.
Il a cité deux fonctionnaires haut placés comme étant la source de l'information.
to state specifically what sth is
indiquer , fixer

Name the price, and you can have it!
Fixez-en le prix et vous pouvez l'avoir !
to name a few
used after listing a few specific things, to say there are many more
pour ne citer que ceux/celles-là

They have ales, lagers, white beers, just to name a few.
Ils ont des bières, des bières blondes, des bières blanches, pour ne citer que celles-là.
=nominate; to choose sb for a reward or official position

The President named him to the Supreme Court.
Le président l'a nommé à la cour suprême.
you name it
informal indicates there are many possibilities
tout ce qu'on veut

You name it, they sell it.
Ils vendent tout ce qu'on veut.

name after

verb phrasalname after [ ˈneɪm ˌæftər, ˌɑf- ]
to give a baby the same name as a relative or friend
donner comme nom celui de

They named her after his mother.
Il lui ont donné comme nom celui de sa mère.

name for

verb phrasalname for [ ˈneɪm ˌfɔr ]
to give sth the same name as sb or sth
nommer comme

The new movie is named for one of the author's short stories.
Le nouveau film s'intitule comme l'une des nouvelles de l'auteur.

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noun /neim/

a word by which a person, place or thing is called

My name is Rachel
She knows all the flowers by name.

reputation; fame

He has a name for honesty.
nameless adjective

not having a name

sans nom
a nameless fear.

not spoken of by name

The culprit shall remain nameless.
namely adverb

that is

à savoir
Only one student passed the exam, namely John.
nameplate noun

a piece of metal, plastic etc with a name on it

You will know his office by the nameplate on the door.
namesake noun

a person with the same name as oneself

The painting had been bought by his grandfather and namesake George.
call (someone) names

to insult (someone) by applying rude names to him

traiter de tous les noms
The other children at school have been calling him names again.
in the name of

by the authority of

au nom de
I arrest you in the name of the Queen.
make a name for oneself

to become famous, get a (usually good) reputation etc

se faire un nom
He made a name for himself as a concert pianist.
name after (American name for)

to give (a child or a thing) the name of (another person)

donner (à qqn) le nom de
Peter was named after his father.



to speak of or list by name

He could name all the kings of England.

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