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noun countablenut /nʌt/
the hard fruit of some trees with an outer shell that you remove before eating
fruit masculine sec oléagineux

almonds, pecans, walnuts and other nuts
amandes, noix de pécan et autres fruits secs oléagineux

to crack a nut
ouvrir une noix
a circular piece of metal that holds a bolt in place
écrou masculine

Screw the nut onto the bolt.
Vissez l'écrou sur le boulon.
informal ( nut job,) a person you think is slightly crazy
cinglé/-ée masculine-feminine

Some nut backed his car into us.
Une espèce de cinglé nous est rentré dedans en reculant en voiture.
a health/electronics/computer etc. nut
sb who is very enthusiastic about health, electronics, etc.
un/une dingue de santé / d'électronique / d'informatique, etc.
a tough/hard nut to crack
sb or sth that is difficult to understand or deal with
pas une mince affaire

Golfers know the course is a tough nut to crack.
Les golfeurs savent que ce terrain n'est pas une mince affaire.
the nuts and bolts
the most basic aspects
le b a ba

the nuts and bolts of writing reports
le b a ba de la rédaction de comptes-rendus
; see also nuts

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noun /nat/

a fruit consisting of a single seed in a hard shell

fruit à écale
a hazelnut
a walnut.

a small round piece of metal with a hole through it, for screwing on the end of a bolt to hold pieces of wood, metal etc together

a nut and bolt.
nutty adjective

containing, or tasting of, nuts

aux noisettes, au goût de noisette
a nutty flavour.

a slang word for mad

He’s quite nutty.
nutcracker noun

(usually in plural) an instrument for cracking nuts open

a pair of nutcrackers.
nutshell noun

the hard covering of a nut.

coquille de noix
in a nutshell

expressed, described etc very briefly

en un mot
I’ll tell you the story in a nutshell.

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