Translation of "on" - English-French dictionary


prepositionon /ɒn, ɔn/
touching the surface of sth
sur , à

a vase on the table
un vase sur la table

pictures on the wall
des tableaux sur le / au mur

He put his hand on her shoulder.
Il mit sa main sur son épaule

Here, sit on this chair.
Ici, assieds-toi sur cette chaise.
in a large vehicle used by the public

passengers on a train/bus/airplane
des passagers dans un train/bus/avion
relating to a particular subject

a report on the growing problem of drug abuse
un rapport sur le problème croissant de l'abus de drogue
indicates who or what is affected

the effect of his actions on his family
l'effet de ses actions sur sa famille

a ban on guns
une interdiction sur les armes

a raid on several drug dealers
un raid sur plusieurs revendeurs de drogues
used with the day or date of sth

We're going on Saturday.
Nous y allons samedi

They left on January 19th.
Ils sont partis le 19 janvier.
along or in a place
à , sur , dans

It's a small town on the Mexican border.
C'est une petite ville à la frontière mexicaine.

We own a house on the beach.
Nous possédons une maison sur la plage

Our office is on South Street.
Notre bureau est dans/sur South Street.
indicates how sth is broadcast, recorded, etc.
à , sur

on the radio
à la radio

a show on TV
une émission à la télé

I have that song on CD.
J'ai cette chanson sur CD.
indicates where sth is written
à , sur

It's on page 35.
C'est à la page 35.

Is this one on the list?
Celle-ci est-elle sur la liste ?
hitting against

I bumped my head on the door.
Je me suis cogné la tête contre la porte.
indicates how money or time is spent

I would never spend $1000 on a handbag.
Je ne dépenserais jamais 1 000 $ pour un sac à main.
indicates the device used

I was able to edit the pictures on my computer.
J'ai pu éditer les photos sur mon ordinateur.
indicates sth or sb uses a type of food, fuel, etc.
au moyen de

In the jungle, he survived on fruit.
Dans la jungle, il a survécu au moyen de fruits.
formal immediately following

We will contact you on your return.
Nous vous contacterons dès notre retour.
on arrival/departure
when arriving/leaving
à l'arivée / au départ

The two men were arrested on arrival.
Les deux hommes ont été arrêtés à leur arrivée.


adverbon /ɒn, ɔn/
indicates sth continues
continuer à

The party went on until 2 a.m.
La soirée a continué jusqu'à 2 heures du matin.

His memory lives on in our hearts.
Son souvenir continue de vivre dans nos cœur.
indicates sth is being worn
mettre , porter

I can't see if I don't have my glasses on.
Je ne vois pas si je n'ai pas mes lunettes.

Put a sweater on.
Mets un pull.
(of a machine) operating, not turned off

Don't leave the computer on.
Ne laisse pas l'ordinateur allumé.
into a large vehicle used by the public

The bus came, and we got on.
Le bus est arrivé et nous sommes montés.
en cours

Are there any good movies on at the moment?
Y a-t-il de bons films à l'affiche en ce moment ?

Is the meeting still on?
La réunion est-elle encore en cours ?
continuing forward

She sent the money on to her parents.
Elle a envoyé l'argent à ses parents.
on and on
indicates sth continues for too long
qui n'en finit plus

His speech went on and on.
Son discours n'en finissait plus.

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preposition /on/

touching, fixed to, covering etc the upper or outer side of

The book was lying on the table
He was standing on the floor
She wore a hat on her head.

in or into (a vehicle, train etc)

We were sitting on the bus
I got on the wrong bus.

at or during a certain day, time etc

on Monday
On his arrival, he went straight to bed.


sur, de
a book on the theatre.

in the state or process of

He’s on holiday.

supported by

She was standing on one leg.

receiving, taking

prendre de la drogue, être régime
He is on drugs
She is on a diet.

taking part in

dans; sur
He is on the committee
Which detective is working on this case?


They marched on the town.

near or beside

sur, au bord de
a shop on the main road.

by means of

He played a tune on the violin
I spoke to him on the telephone.

being carried by

The thief had the stolen jewels on him.

when (something is, or has been, done)

On investigation, there proved to be no need to panic.

followed by

oncoming adjective


qui approche
oncoming traffic.
ongoing adjective


en cours
an ongoing argument.
onward(s) adverb

moving forward (in place or time)

plus loin, désormais
They marched onward(s).
be on to (someone)

to have discovered (a person’s) trick, secret etc

The thieves realized that the police were on to them.
on and on

used with certain verbs to emphasize the length of an activity

sans arrêt
She kept on and on asking questions.
on time

at the right time

à l’heure
He got here on time.
on to / onto

to a position on

He lifted it onto the table.



used to show a continuing state etc, onwards

sans discontinuer
She kept on asking questions
They moved on.

(also adjective ) (of electric light, machines etc) working

en marche, allumé
The television is on
Turn/Switch the light on.

(also adjective ) (of films etc) able to be seen

à l’affiche
There’s a good film on at the cinema this week.

(also adjective ) in or into a vehicle, train etc

à bord
The bus stopped and we got on.



not cancelled

toujours tenir
Is the party on tonight?

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