Translation of "restrict" - English-French dictionary


verb transitiverestrict /rɪˈstrɪkt/
to limit
restreindre , limiter

government proposals to restrict the sale of alcohol
les propositions du gouvernement pour restreindre la vente d'alcool

parents who restrict the amount of time their kids spend watching TV
les parents qui limitent le temps que leurs enfants passent à regarder la télé

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verb /rəˈstrikt/

to keep within certain limits

restreindre, limiter (à)
I try to restrict myself / my smoking to five cigarettes a day
Use of the car-park is restricted to senior staff.

to make less than usual, desirable etc

He feels this new law will restrict his freedom.
restricted adjective

limited; narrow, small

a restricted space.

to which entry has been restricted to certain people

The battlefield was a restricted zone.

in which certain restrictions (eg a speed limit) apply

réglementé, limité
a restricted area.
restriction /-ʃən/ noun

a rule etc that limits or controls

restriction, limitation
Even in a free democracy a person’s behaviour must be subject to certain restrictions.

the act of restricting

restriction of freedom.
restrictive /-tiv/ adjective

restricting or intended to restrict.


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