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countablespine /spaɪn/
the row of bones that protect the spinal cord
colonne feminine vertébrale

an injury to the spine
une blessure à la colonne vertébrale
one of the sharp points on some animals' bodies
piquant masculine

the spines of a porcupine
les piquants du porc-épic
the back of a book where the pages are held together
dos masculine

a book with a broken spine
un livre au dos cassé

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noun /spain/

the line of linked bones running down the back of humans and many animals; the backbone

colonne vertébrale
She damaged her spine when she fell.

something like a backbone in shape or function

the spine of a book.

a thin, stiff, pointed part growing on an animal or a plant.

spinal adjective

of or concerned with the backbone

a spinal injury.
spineless adjective

of an animal, having no spine; invertebrate.


of a person, having a weak character; easily dominated

spineless behaviour
spiny adjective

full of, or covered with, spines

a spiny cactus.
spinal cord

a cord of nerve cells running up through the backbone.

moelle épinière

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