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noun countablestreet /strit/
a public paved road with buildings at the side
rue feminine

city streets full of traffic
les rues des villes pleines de circulation

I live on Garden Street.
J'habite Garden Street. FRE ça me paraîtrait bizarre de traduire.

We walked across/down/up the street.
Nous traversons/descendons/montons la rue.
on the street/streets
=homeless; living without shelter
dans la rue

mentally ill people living on the street
des personnes atteintes de troubles mentaux qui vivent dans la rue

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noun /striːt/

a road with houses, shops etc on one or both sides, in a town or village

the main shopping street
I met her in the street.

(abbreviated to Stwhen written) used in the names of certain roads

Her address is 4 Shakespeare St.
streetcar noun

(especially American) a tramcar.

street directory

a booklet giving an index and plans of a city’s streets.

répertoire/index des rues
be streets ahead of / better than

to be much better than

de loin/beaucoup
She’s streets ahead of me when it comes to French.
be up someone’s street

to be exactly suitable for someone

dans les cordes de
That job is just up your street.
not to be in the same street as

to be completely different, usually worse, in quality than.

ne pas arriver à la cheville de

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