Translation of "thing" - English-French dictionary


noun /θiŋ/

an object; something that is not living

What do you use that thing for?

a person, especially a person one likes

personne, créature
She’s a nice old thing.

any fact, quality, idea etc that one can think of or refer to

Music is a wonderful thing
I hope I haven’t done the wrong thing
That was a stupid thing to do.
things noun plural

things, especially clothes, that belong to someone

Take all your wet things off.
first thing (in the morning

early in the morning just after getting up, starting work etc

demain à la première heure
I’ll do it first thing (in the morning).
last thing (at night

late at night, just before stopping work, going to bed etc

juste avant de se coucher
She always has a cup of tea last thing at night.
the thing is …

the important fact or question is; the problem is

la question est
The thing is, is he going to help us?

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