Translation of "wing" - English-French dictionary


noun countablewing /wɪŋ/
one of the body parts a bird or insect uses to fly
aile feminine

an eagle's enormous wings
les énormes ailes d'un aigle
one of the parts of a plane sticking out from the sides
aile feminine

We sat right over the wing.
Nous étions placés juste au-dessus de l'aile.
a section of a large building
aile feminine

the east/west wing of the White House
l'aile est/ouest de la Maison Blanche

a new wing of the hospital
une nouvelle aile de l'hôpital
a section of an organization
aile feminine

the left wing of the Democratic Party
l'aile gauche du parti démocrate
one side of a sports field or hockey rink
aile feminine

He plays the left wing.
Il joue comme ailier gauche.
Brit a car fender
aile feminine

a dent in the left wing
une bosse sur l'aile gauche
under sb's wing
being taken care of by sb
sous l'aile de qqn

He took her under his wing.
Il l'a prise sous son aile.

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noun /wiŋ/

one of the arm-like limbs of a bird or bat, which it usually uses in flying, or one of the similar limbs of an insect

The eagle spread his wings and flew away
The bird cannot fly as it has an injured wing
These butterflies have red and brown wings.

a similar structure jutting out from the side of an aeroplane

the wings of a jet.

a section built out to the side of a (usually large) house

the west wing of the hospital.

any of the corner sections of a motor vehicle

The rear left wing of the car was damaged.

a section of a political party or of politics in general

the Left/Right wing.

one side of a football etc field

He made a great run down the left wing.

in rugby and hockey, a player who plays mainly down one side of the field.


in the air force, a group of three squadrons of aircraft.

escadre/brigade aérienne
winged adjective

having wings

a winged creature.

à (…) ailes
a four-winged insect.
winger noun

in football etc, a player who plays mainly down one side of the field.

wingless adjective

sans ailes
wings noun plural

the sides of a theatre stage

She waited in the wings.
wing commander

in the air force, the rank above squadron leader.

wingspan noun

the distance from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other when outstretched (of birds, aeroplanes etc).

on the wing

flying, especially away

en vol
The wild geese are on the wing.
take under one’s wing

to take (someone) under one’s protection

prendre sous son aile
He took the young man under his wing and treated him like a son.

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