Translation of "apply" - English-German dictionary


verb /əˈplai/

(with to) to put (something) on or against something else

She applied ointment to the cut.

(with to) to use (something) for some purpose

He applied his wits to planning their escape.

(with for) to ask for (something) formally

sich bewerben (um)
You could apply (to the manager) for a job.

(with to) to concern

This rule applies to all students.

to be in force

The rule doesn’t apply at weekends.
appliance /əˈplai-/ noun

an instrument or tool used for a particular job

die Anwendung
The company makes washing machines and other electrical appliances.
applicable /ˈӕpli-/ adjective

This rule is not applicable (to you) any longer.
applicability noun

die Anwendbarkeit
applicant /ˈӕpli-/ noun

a person who applies (for a job etc)

der/die Bewerber(in)
There were two hundred applicants for the position.
application /ӕpli-/ noun

a formal request; an act of applying

die Bewerbung
We have received several applications for the new job
The syllabus can be obtained on application to the headmaster.

hard work

der Fleiß
He has got a good job through sheer application.

an ointment etc applied to a cut, wound etc.

das Auftragen
apply oneself/one’s mind (with to)

to give one’s full attention or energy (to a task etc)

sich bemühen
If he applied himself, he could pass his exams.

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