Translation of "dust" - English-German dictionary


noun /dast/

fine grains of earth, sand etc

der Staub
The furniture was covered in dust.

anything in the form of fine powder

der Staub
gold dust
duster noun

a cloth for removing dust.

das Staubtuch
dusty adjective

a dusty floor.
dustiness noun

die Staubigkeit
dustbin /ˈdasbin/ noun

(American garbage-can or trash-can) a container for household rubbish.

der Mülleimer
dust jacket /ˈdasdʒӕkit/ noun

the loose paper cover of a book.

der Schutzumschlag
dustman /ˈdasmən/ noun

a person employed to remove household rubbish.

der Müllmann
dustpan /ˈdaspӕn/ noun

a type of flat container with a handle, used for holding dust swept from the floor.

die Kehrrichtschaufel
dust-up noun

a quarrel

die Auseinandersetzung
There was a bit of a dust-up between the two men.
dust down

to remove the dust from with a brushing action

She picked herself up and dusted herself down.
throw dust in someone’s eyes

to try to deceive someone.

jemandem Sand in die Augen streuen

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