Translation of "friend" - English-German dictionary


noun /frend/

someone who knows and likes another person very well

der/die Freund/-in
He is my best friend.

a person who acts in a friendly and generous way to people etc he or she does not know

der/die Freund/-in
She is a friend to animals.
friendless adjective

without friends

ohne Freunde
He found himself alone and friendless in the world.
friendly adjective

kind and willing to make friends

She is very friendly to everybody.
friendship noun

the state of being friends

die Freundschaft
Friendship is a wonderful thing.

a particular relationship between two friends

die Freundschaft
Our friendship grew through the years.
make friends (with)

to start a friendly relationship; to become friends with someone

Freundschaft schließen mit
The child tried to make friends with the dog.

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