Translation of "fine" - English-Italian dictionary


adjective uk /faɪn/ us /fɑɪn/

A1 well, healthy, or happy

‘How are you?’ ‘I’m fine, thanks. And you?’ “Come stai?” “Bene, grazie. E tu?”
(that’s) fine

A1 used to agree with a suggestion

va bene
‘Shall we meet at eight tonight?’ ‘Yes, that’s fine.’ “Ci incontriamo alle otto stasera?” “Sì, va bene.”

A2 good enough

bene, soddisfacente
‘Is the soup OK?’ ‘Yes, it’s fine.’ “La minestra va bene?” “Sì, va bene.”

excellent, or of very good quality

raffinato, pregiato
fine wines vini pregiati

B1 sunny and not raining

It will be a fine day tomorrow. Domani sarà una bella giornata.


fine brown hair capelli fini castani
noun uk /faɪn/ us /fɑɪn/

B1 an amount of money that you must pay for doing something wrong

a library fine (= for bringing a book back late) una multa della biblioteca
a parking fine una multa per parcheggio
verb uk /faɪn/ us /fɑɪn/ present participle fining, past tense and past participle fined

to punish someone by making them pay some money

adverb uk /faɪn/ us /fɑɪn/

very well, or without any problems

‘How did your test go?’ ‘It went fine, I think.’ “Com’è andato l’esame?” “È andato bene, credo.”

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