Translation of "stand" - English-Italian dictionary


verb uk /stænd/ (present participle standing, past tense and past participle stood)

A2 to be in a vertical position on your feet

stare in piedi
We stood there for an hour.
He’s standing over there, next to Karen.

A2 (also stand up) to rise to a vertical position on your feet from sitting or lying down

alzarsi in piedi
I get dizzy if I stand up too quickly.
Please stand when the bride arrives.

to be in a particular place or position

trovarsi, essere
The tower stands in the middle of a field.

to put something in a particular place or position

mettere, collocare
She stood the umbrella by the door.
can’t stand someone/something informal

B1 to hate someone or something

non poter soffrire qualcuno/qualcosa
I can’t stand him – he’s so rude!
She can’t stand doing housework.
stand in someone’s way

to try to stop or prevent

intralciare il cammino di qualcuno
You know I won’t stand in your way if you want to apply for a job abroad.
standing on your head

If you can do something standing on your head, you can do it very easily.

a occhi chiusi
It’s the sort of program Andrew could write standing on his head.

(Translation of “stand verb” from the Cambridge English–Italian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)