Translation of "fair" - English-Japanese dictionary


adjective uk /feər/

A2 Fair hair or skin is pale or light in colour.

金髪の, (肌の色が)白い
a boy with fair hair

B1 treating or affecting everyone in the same way

公正な, 平等な
a fair trial
It’s not fair that she gets to go and I don’t!
I’m willing to do my fair share of the work (= an equal part).
→ Opposite unfair
a fair price, deal, offer, etc.

B1 a price, deal, offer, etc. that is right for a situation and not asking for too much

He offered me a fair price for the car.
a fair amount, number, etc.

a fairly large amount, number, etc.

There’s still a fair amount of work to be done on the house.

good, but not very good

He has a fair chance of winning.

sunny and not raining

fair enough

used for saying that you can understand and accept someone’s opinion or decision

“He says he’ll only work on Sunday if he gets paid extra.” “Fair enough.”

(Translation of “fair adjective” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)