Translation of "feeling" - English-Japanese dictionary


noun uk /ˈfiː·lɪŋ/ us /ˈfi·lɪŋ/

B1 something that you feel in your mind when you are happy, sad, afraid, etc.

Sitting by the lake gives me a nice, peaceful feeling.
He tries to hide his feelings.
hurt someone’s feelings

B1 to upset someone by insulting them

~の気分を害する, (人の気持ち)を傷つける
Say you like the cake, or you’ll hurt her feelings.

B1 something that you feel in your body

I had a strange feeling in my fingers.

B1 an idea that something is true or exists

I had the feeling that we had met before.
I got the feeling that she was unhappy.

an opinion or belief

My feeling is that we should not hire him.
bad/ill feeling

a situation in which people are upset or angry with each other

I don’t want to cause any bad feeling between us.

(Translation of “feeling” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)