Translation of "of" - English-Japanese dictionary


preposition uk strong /ɒv/ us /ʌv/ weak /əv/ us /ʌv/

A1 belonging to or relating to someone or something

She is a friend of my cousin.
I like the colour of her hair.

A1 used after words that show an amount

a bag of apples
both of us

A1 containing

a glass of milk

A1 used with numbers, ages, and dates

a boy of six
the 14th of February

A2 showing position or direction

the front of the queue
a small town north of Edinburgh

A2 showing someone or something

a map of the city
a photo of my boyfriend

A2 used when comparing related things

He’s the best-looking of the three brothers.

B1 showing a reason or cause

He died of cancer.

used after an adjective when judging someone’s behaviour

It was very nice of you to think of us.

(Translation of “of” from the Cambridge English–Japanese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)