Translation of "bow" - English-Korean dictionary


verb uk /baʊ/ us /bɑʊ/

to bend your head or body forward in order to show respect or to thank an audience

머리나 몸을 숙여 인사하다
The actors all bowed after the performance.
noun uk /baʊ/ us /bɑʊ/

an act of bending your head or body forward

(머리나 몸을 숙여 하는) 인사
The actors came back on stage and took a bow.


noun uk /bəʊ/ us /boʊ/

a knot with two circles that is used to tie shoes or as a decoration

나비 넥타이

a piece of curved wood with string attached to both ends, used for shooting arrows

(화살을 쏘는) 활

a long, thin piece of wood with hair stretched between the ends, used to play some musical instruments

(악기의) 활

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