Translation of "fine" - English-Korean dictionary


adjective uk /faɪn/ us /fɑɪn/

A1 well, healthy, or happy

‘How are you?’ ‘I’m fine, thanks. And you?’
(that’s) fine

A1 used to agree with a suggestion

(동의) 좋아요
‘Shall we meet at eight tonight?’ ‘Yes, that’s fine.’

A2 good enough

‘Is the soup OK?’ ‘Yes, it’s fine.’

excellent, or of very good quality

질 좋은
fine wines

B1 sunny and not raining

It will be a fine day tomorrow.


fine brown hair
noun uk /faɪn/ us /fɑɪn/

B1 an amount of money that you must pay for doing something wrong

a library fine (= for bringing a book back late)
a parking fine
verb uk /faɪn/ us /fɑɪn/ present participle fining, past tense and past participle fined

to punish someone by making them pay some money

벌금을 부과하다
adverb uk /faɪn/ us /fɑɪn/

very well, or without any problems

‘How did your test go?’ ‘It went fine, I think.’

(Translation of “fine” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)