Translation of "live" - English-Korean dictionary


verb uk /lɪv/ us /lɪv/ present participle living, past tense and past participle lived

A1 to have your home somewhere

-에 살다
They live in York.
Where do you live?

B1 to be alive

살아 있다
I hope I live to see my grandchildren.

B1 to spend your life in a particular way

(특정한 방식으로) 살다
He lives a solitary life.
My grandmother lives alone.


adjective uk /laɪv/ us /lɑɪv/

B1 A live performance is done with people watching or listening.

a live concert
live music

having life

살아 있는
Millions of live animals are moved around the world each year.

(Translation of “live” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)