Translation of "on" - English-Korean dictionary


preposition uk /ɒn/

A1 on a surface of something

I put the book on that shelf.
He stepped on my foot.

A1 covering, touching, attached to, or hanging from something

(표면에 닿아)-에
You have blood on your shirt.
Which finger do you wear your ring on?

A1 used to show the date or day when something happens

(날짜, 요일을 나타낼때)-에
He will arrive on 14 February.
I have to work on Saturday.

A2 used to refer to a place when giving directions

Take the first turning on the right.
Our house is the second on the left after the stop sign.

A2 in a particular place

(특정 장소)-에
See the diagram on page 22.
I met her on a ship.

A2 being broadcast or presented

What’s on TV tonight?

A2 used to show what money or time is used for

(돈이나 시간의 사용을 나타내어)-에
She refuses to spend more than £40 on a pair of shoes.
We’ve wasted too much time on this already.

A2 used to show some methods of travelling

(이동 수단의 방법을 타나내어)-로
Did you go over on the ferry?

B1 about

-에 관한

B1 next to or along the side of

(특정 장소에) 가까이 있는
The bank is on Maple Street.
Cambridge is on the River Cam.
Cincinnati is on the Ohio River.

B1 using something

I spoke to Dad on the phone.
I was working on my computer.

(Translation of “on preposition” from the Cambridge English–Korean Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)