Translation of "day" - English-Polish dictionary


noun uk /deɪ/ us
24 HOURS [ C ]

A1 a period of 24 hours

the days of the week
January has 31 days.
I saw her the day before yesterday.

A2 the period during the day when there is light from the sun

a bright, sunny day
We've been travelling all day.

A2 the time that you usually spend at work or school

She's had a very busy day at the office.
the other day

B1 a few days ago

kilka dni temu
I saw Terry the other day.
day after day

every day for a long period of time

dzień w dzień, dzień po dniu
Day after day they marched through the mountains.
one day

A2 used to talk about something that happened in the past

pewnego dnia
One day, I came home to find my windows smashed.
one day/some day/one of these days

B1 used to talk about something you think will happen in the future

pewnego (pięknego ) dnia
One of these days I'll tell her what really happened.

used to talk about a particular period of time when something happened or existed

lata , czasy
in my younger days

B1 a long time

wiele dni
I haven't seen Jack for days.
these days

A2 used to talk about the present time

obecnie, w dzisiejszych czasach
I don't go out much these days.
in those days

B2 used to talk about a period in the past

w tamtych czasach
In those days, no-one had a TV set.
the old days

a period in the past

dawne czasy

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