Translation of "hand" - English-Polish dictionary


noun uk us /hænd/
ARM [ C ]

A1 the part of your body on the end of your arm that has fingers and a thumb

Take your hands out of your pockets.
take sb by the hand

to get hold of someone's hand

wziąć lub złapać kogoś za rękę
Bill took her by the hand and led her into the garden.
hand in hand

holding each other's hand

ręka w rękę
The young couple walked hand in hand by the lake.
hold hands

to hold each other's hand

trzymać się za ręce
at hand

near in time or space

pod ręką, w pobliżu
Teachers are always close at hand to give help to any child who needs it.
by hand

B1 done or made by a person instead of a machine

This sweater has to be washed by hand.
in hand

being worked on or dealt with now

obecny, bieżący
Despite the pressures we are determined to get on with the job in hand.
be in sb's hands

to be in someone's control or care

być w czyichś rękach
The matter is now in the hands of my solicitor.
on hand ( also UK to hand)

near to someone or something, and ready to help or be used when necessary

do dyspozycji, dostępny
Extra supplies will be on hand, should they be needed.
at the hands of sb

If you suffer at the hands of someone, they hurt you or treat you badly.

przez kogoś , ze strony kogoś

one of the long, thin pieces that point to the numbers on a clock or watch


the set of playing cards that one player has been given in a game

a hand

B1 some help, especially to do something practical

Could you give me a hand with these suitcases?
I think Matthew might need a hand with his homework.
on the one hand ... on the other hand

B2 used when you are comparing two different ideas or opinions

z jednej strony ... z drugiej strony
On the one hand, computer games develop many skills, but on the other, they mean kids don't get enough exercise.
hands off informal

used to tell someone not to touch something

łapy przy sobie, ręce precz
Hands off - that's mine!

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