Translation of "tell" - English-Polish dictionary


verb uk /tel/ us past tense and past participle told
SAY [ T ]

A1 to say something to someone, usually giving them information

He told me about his new school.
[ + (that) ] Sally told me that the play didn't start until 9 o'clock.
[ + question word ] Can you tell me what time the next bus leaves?
tell sb to do sth

A2 to order someone to do something

kazać komuś coś zrobić
I told you to stay here.
I keep telling her not to leave her clothes on the floor.
can tell

B2 to know or recognize something from what you hear, see, etc

móc poznać lub zorientować się
[ + (that) ] You could tell that he was tired.
[ + question word ] You can never tell whether Hajime's being serious or not.
I can't tell the difference between them.

B2 If something tells you something, it gives you information.

What does the survey tell us about the lives of teenagers?
(I'll) tell you what

used to suggest a plan

Wiesz co?
Tell you what, let's go swimming and then get a pizza.

to have a bad effect on someone

odbijać się
The worry of the last few months was starting to tell on him.
(I) told you so! informal

used when someone has caused problems for themselves by doing something that you told them not to

A nie mówił-em/am ! → See also tell sb's fortune

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