Translation of "half" - English-Portuguese dictionary


noun, determiner uk /hɑːf/ (plural halves /hɑːvz/)

A2 one of two equal parts of something; 1/2

metade, meio
Cut the lemons into halves.
It’ll take half an hour to get there.
Jenny lived in Beijing for a year and a half.
break, cut, etc. something in half

B1 to divide something into two equal parts

quebrar, cortar etc. algo pela metade
Fold the piece of paper in half.

informal a lot

a maior parte de
I don’t even know where she is half the time.
half past one, two, etc. mainly UK

A1 30 minutes past one o’clock, two o’clock, etc.

uma, duas, etc. e meia
We got back to our hotel at half past seven.

(Translation of “half noun, determiner” from the Cambridge English–Portuguese Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)